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About Fana⁺


Take your brand to the next level with creative professionals, your one-stop solution.

Meet The Founder

We seamlessly merge innovative design and effective digital marketing strategies to propel your business forward. From captivating websites to engaging social media campaigns, we create visually stunning and impactful brand experiences. Let us transform your digital presence and drive your success.

“Satia gave me amazingly satisfying design results and at an affordable price.”

Dennis CheokDirector Southeast Asia at Juice Plus
Founder / Creative Director

Khairunas M Massatianagara

With a comprehensive background in digital marketing and a flair for creative design, I offer a distinct blend of expertise to enhance your business. From captivating website graphics to attention-grabbing social media posts and compelling email campaigns, my skills will drive your success. Collaborate with me to establish a visually striking and digitally impactful brand that sets you apart from competitors. Together, we’ll create an exceptional advertising experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Future-focused Brand Network

Elevate your brand to new heights with Fana⁺, where future-focused strategies meet a powerful brand network. We are the architects of digital success, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a curated ecosystem of industry influencers to propel your business into the forefront of the digital era.

Unleash your brand's potential and thrive in a world where innovation knows no bounds. Navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and unlock limitless possibilities for your brand's growth.


Innovate each project with no exceptions.

Unleash boundless innovation in every single project.


Always overdeliver to our clients.

Reliable partner, continuously overdelivering to meet and exceed client needs.


Build things that inspire people.

Crafting digital experiences that inspire and leave a lasting impact.